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Common client challenges:

  • My insurer is contesting a significant claim
  • My claim is taking too long to resolve
  • We have suffered a large loss and I’m not sure what is covered
  • I want to make a complex claim but am unsure about the risks involved in presenting it or how to best manage the process

Mactavish’s claims resolution practice – chaired by former Law Commissioner David Hertzell – offers a unique service to a broad range of clients from SMEs to blue-chips. In the past twelve months we have supported clients on over £0.5bn of claims, including some of the most complex cases in the UK market. Unfortunately, as the insurance market hardens and the full financial impacts of the Coronavirus crisis are felt on insurer balance sheets, we expect the claims environment to worsen rapidly in 2020 and 2021.

Our deep technical insight is bolstered by our fully independent business model and extensive global network of the very best legal, technical and forensic advisors, meaning that we will leave no stone unturned in pursuit of your claim. From first presenting your claim in the best light, to legal action and even media management, Mactavish takes an expert view of all the commercial as well legal/technical factors affecting your claim and can apply pressure to insurers in a way that no legal firm or broker ever could.

What makes Mactavish different?

  • Unlike many brokers, law firms or claims specialists we derive none of our income from insurers or any other advisors – we are 100% independent and work only for you
  • We were central to the design of the Insurance Act 2015 and drafted the key amendments Enterprise Act 2016, meaning we have an unmatched understanding of the legislation that underpins insurance law
  • Our team has worked to resolve some of the largest and most complex claims in the London market
  • Our media relationships, practical insurance market experience and history of fighting for fair outcomes on behalf of policyholders mean that we can put additional pressure on insurers and brokers, exploring the full range of commercial and legal routes to dispute resolution

How does Mactavish work?

  • Our approach is tailored on every case but the core principle is always the same – we get the very best technical and legal advice in place to determine strategy, and then relentlessly explore every possible avenue to getting you a fair result.
  • Ideally, if involved early we will help to shape the initial claim submission to prevent dispute from ever occurring at all, as well as helping you avoid compromising the claim by breaching policy requirements
  • If there is an existing dispute, we will rapidly consult with you and any existing advisors to form a robust view of the case together with challenges and risk factors, as well as analysing any historic placement failings. Agreeing a resolution strategy with you, we will manage and support you throughout the process to resolve the claim quickly and fairly.

What do our clients say?

“Working with Mactavish to control the claim from an early stage enabled us to line up the right mix of legal and forensic accounting input, provided comfort to the Board on how the claim was to be handled and we believe avoided over-complicating negotiations. When a claim suddenly happens, it can be a steep real time learning curve and it’s not always obvious who best to turn to, but Mactavish helped us to navigate the process and get to a fair settlement quickly.”

Jon Green, Essentra


Listen to Chief Technical Officer, Rob Smart, explaining our unique approach to claims resolution

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