Some things will go back to normal. Insurance shouldn’t be one of them.


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Driving better insurance outcomes


The commercial insurance market is broken. Unsuitable policies, wild surges in pricing and constant disputes over claims are just some of the symptoms of a system that is no longer fit for purpose.

Ten years ago, Mactavish set out to change that. Our mission is to create a fairer market for policyholders, one that is built around their needs and places impartiality and independence at its heart.

Today, we serve a range of clients from FTSE 100 giants to SMEs.

We help them in four ways:

  • We manage costs
  • We improve the quality and reliability of cover
  • We take away the burden of managing insurance
  • We help resolve claims disputes

We are not a broker and receive no commissions or fees from insurers. We represent you, and only you.

If you are looking to drive a better outcome from the insurance market;

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Mactavish, Expert Insurance Buyers

As the UK’s leading outsourced insurance buyer and claims resolution expert, we provide new and better ways for businesses to protect themselves against foreseeable risks.

Combining unrivalled technical and legal knowledge, with commercial know-how and buying power, we manage all aspects of your insurance procurement process; from risk analysis and insurance placements, to claims resolution, and everything in between. Building corporate resilience by driving better outcomes from the insurance market.

Client Feedback

Delighted about the core service

I have been working with Mactavish over the last few months on a number of projects. In addition to being delighted about the core service I have also been pleasantly surprised about the focus they place on the unique features of our industry and how these can impact our requirements.

Tracey Skinner - Director, Insurance & Risk Financing

Their analytical capability and attention to detail underpins their approach to everything they do.

Mactavish are highly influential in the UK insurance market both through their lobbying work to improve standards and through their work with individual clients.

For example, they have strongly represented the interests of policyholders throughout the consultation process for the proposed reform of the UK’s insurance contract law being undertaken by the Law Commission. They are regular contributors to conferences and in the press.

John Hurrell - Chief Executive

Mactavish are experts in their field of insurance governance.

This has been demonstrated through the support and guidance that they have provided our members on the Insurance Act 2015. Their knowledge on the subject has been most insightful and I’m sure that the work that they have produced will have a strong impact in helping brokers understand the issues that the recent law reform presents. We value the positive collaborative relationship that we have with them.

Steve White - Chief Executive

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