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Businesses are now 3 times more likely to sue their insurer to get their claim paid

  • Are you contesting a significant claim?
  • Is your claim taking too long to resolve?
  • Have you suffered a large loss and are unsure of what is covered in your policy?

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We help you drive faster and fairer claim settlements

Why clients seek our expert support?

  • Get you on your best foot to recover your losses
  • Ensure a smooth claim process with minimal disruption to your business
  • Put you on an equal footing with the market to prevent delays and practices that may prejudice settlement
  • Secure interim payments, protecting your cash flow
  • Accelerate settlement for time and cost saving
  • Feedback with the lessons learnt into your insurance renewal and improve your wider risk placement programmes moving forward

How we support your business

We offer a highly personalised approach, only settling for the best outcome.


Claim evaluation

If you think your claim has been unfairly denied, we will assess your claim and the rejection arguments against your policy to advise on your actual entitlements.


Claim notification

Failure to notify is one of most common insurers’ arguments to rejecting claims. We help you formulate a timely response around the identified cover loopholes and put you on an equal footing to appeal the decision.


Pre loss

Pre-emptive loss scenario, analysing relevant policy detail and common claims pitfalls to help you establish a clear, pragmatic compliance regime.


Early intervention

Immediate intervention following a loss to establish a robust technical view of the claim and ensure the most effective presentation to insurers.


Active dispute resolution

We review or redefine strategy and progress to resolution, to avoid a formal litigation or arbitration, using the most appropriate mix of technical, legal and commercial input.


Claim portfolio management

We act from the genesis of any claims dispute to achieve the best resolutions across your portfolio and minimise your business' loss exposure.

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Managing complex claims is what we do

Mactavish’s claims resolution practice – chaired by former Law Commissioner David Hertzell – offers a unique service to a broad range of clients from SMEs to blue-chips, including some of the most complex cases in the UK market.

Our deep technical insight is reinforced by our fully independent business model and extensive global network of the very best legal, technical and forensic advisors, meaning that we will leave no stone unturned in pursuit of your claim. From first presenting your claim in the best light, to legal action and media management, Mactavish takes an expert view of all the commercial as well legal/technical factors affecting your claim and can apply pressure to insurers in a way that no legal firm or broker ever could.

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Our claims resolution practice is built on three key principles:


We offer independent advice to clients; the fees we earn are based solely on the time we spend helping policyholders resolve their claims. This enables us to act purely in our clients’ best interests and ensures we explore all avenues to resolution.


Our plural expertise in claim resolution and insurance analysis and placement operated under a Licenced Access model is critical when it comes to resolving clients’ claims. We ensure a fair outcome and hold insurers to account for the critical role they play in supporting businesses.


We take a multi-disciplinary approach to claims resolution, meaning we can access the most appropriate legal, accountants or technical specialists, depending on the circumstances of a client’s claim. We combine the best legal and technical insurance analysis from the start to get the right result.

Business Stories

We work closely with our clients to achieve high-standard claim settlements.

“Working with Mactavish to control the claim from an early stage enabled us to line up the right mix of legal and forensic accounting input, provided comfort to the Board on how the claim was to be handled and we believe avoided over-complicating negotiations. When a claim suddenly happens, it can be a steep real time learning curve and it’s not always obvious who best to turn to, but Mactavish helped us to navigate the process and get to a fair settlement quickly.”

Jon Green, Essentra

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