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> 95% Businesses found gaps in their insurance cover through our health check

Unprecedented increases in insurance rates, erosion of policy quality, and increases in claims disputes are a few examples of the systemic effects on the ongoing insurance hard market that continues to expose commercial policyholders to the risk of considerable losses.

  • Would you be able to recover losses in the event of a claim?
  • Are you paying too much for insurance cover that has no value?
  • Would a declined claim from a portfolio company impact your fund raising?
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Talk to one of our experts to assess the reliability of your insurance programme to protect your business against foreseeable risks.

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Find out how we help other PE/VC firms protect their business and Portfolio companies

Listen to Livingbridge and Phoenix Equiry Partners explain how Mactavish has kept their risk exposure under control and de-risk investments via DD and ongoing risk management of their portfolio companies.

Unique challenges require bespoke solutions

As the insurance market moves towards standardised models, the operational, reputational and financial complexity of investment firms are not well represented. This makes it a real challenge to get the right cover and conduct accurate risk due diligence for new portfolio investments. Poor risk analysis and risk placement can reduce an investment value to zero if the unexpected happens.

Higher risks The corporate and operational structures of investment firms vary significantly and if insurance policies are not tailored to take account of these structures, individuals can be left financially exposed to a claim.

Reputational risks Investment firms attract disproportionately high levels of scrutiny from the media, politicians and opinion formers which can increase the severity of a major loss.

Double exposure It is not always clear if the loss event falls between the policy insuring the portfolio company or the policy that insures the investment firm; a claim can non-only undermine investments but also expose the private equity House.

How does the Mactavish Health Check work?

Our unique independent approach and holistic legal, technical and commercial expertise enable us to develop a reliable insurance programme centered on your specific needs to protect your business and portfolio companies.

Establish your risk profile and insurance reliability
Our technical experts consult with you and your team to develop an understanding of the key needs of your insurance programme based on your current risk profile and any impact of recent financial or operational changes.

Review your insurance programme and disclosure
We review your disclosure and insurance documentation to identify critical limitations based on your risk profile. This helps you optimise your policy pricing and achieve appropriate cover.

Achieve faster and better claims settlement
We also support you when things have gone wrong - providing oversight and advice, access to world-leading barristers and helping your teams to present information in such a way as to improve the defensibility of your claims – achieving faster settlement and better outcome.

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  • Get confidence around your risk and insurance programme
  • Save on your insurance lines
  • Improve the reliability of your cover and that of your portfolio companies
  • Prevent claims disputes
  • Make bolder decisions and save your business time and financial losses

Book your free 15 minute Health Check Call

Talk to one of our experts to assess the reliability of your insurance programme to protect your business against foreseeable risks.

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