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  • My premium is increasing and my broker tells me there is nothing they can do
  • I’m not sure that the policy I’m being sold will perform as I expect – and new exclusions are creeping in
  • I’m having to accept lower limits and higher deductibles but my premium is still increasing
  • My policy wordings don’t fit my organisation’s risk profile but my broker tells me they can’t be changed
  • I can’t get the service I need from my broker

Most global and national brokers derive a large part of their revenue directly from insurers. According to a recent study, this can amount to as much as 70% of their earnings and worse, is often linked to the volume of premium they place. In practice, this means that brokers can earn more for themselves when your costs increase.

Unlike brokers, Mactavish earns all of its revenue directly from its clients on a transparent basis. Meaning that we represent your interests and no one else’s.

To date, every cost management project Mactavish has worked on has been cost-neutral or cost-beneficial for our clients. Premium savings have ranged between 20% and 50% alongside an improvement in the quality and reliability of the policies we worked on.

What makes Mactavish different?

  • We are entirely independent of any broker or insurer
  • We derive all our revenue transparently and directly from client fees
  • We do not use panels or facilities
  • Our team combines deep technical expertise and commercial know-how to get the job done
  • We have a heritage of driving and promoting legal reform that puts the needs of the policy holder first – including work on the Insurance Act 2015 and Enterprise Act 2015

How does Mactavish work?

  • We run unique tenders to drive real competition quickly, focusing fully on the two essential matters of price and cover. This avoids slow ‘conceptual’ tenders and accesses the entire insurance market while putting incumbent brokers under immediate pressure to deliver
  • We analyse your risks – working from the ground up rather than starting with standardised frameworks
  • We draft our own wordings so that you know your cover will perform as you expect
  • We negotiate broker agreements (TOBAs) to hold them accountable
  • Mactavish manages the whole process from start to finish, allowing you to get on with protecting and growing your business

Case study – Mactavish achieves a 33% premium saving for a major construction company

In 2019 Mactavish was engaged by a UK-based construction company with a brief to manage costs while improving the quality and reliability its cover.

The incumbent broker had told the client that its premiums would increase significantly at renewal and that they would have to move to a standard broker/insurer wording that would not take into account the changes they had previously negotiates.

Mactavish ran a written lines tender creating head-to-head competition between two brokers. The result was a 33% premium saving against the incumbent brokers offer and acceptance of a range of bespoke policy changes that left the client better protected. On one policy alone, the Mactavish policy was better than the broker wording on 20 points of coverage and law.

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