Mactavish Claim Litigation Index

Our analysis of commercial insurance claim litigations and insurance trends and practices

The Mactavish Claims Litigation Index aims at tracking insurance litigation and claims performance and getting the market to focus on what really matters, the product you but with your premiums, not just the premium itself.

Mactavish Claim Litigation Report

Mactavish Claim Litigation Report

Every year, hundreds of insurance related disputes are lodged with the courts of England and Wales, representing billions of pounds worth of disputed insurance claims.

This is the sharp end of the industry, where insurers and their clients lock horns, unpicking insurance contracts, scrapping over exclusions, cover definitions and disclosures whilst battling it out to determine who owes what to whom.

The Mactavish Claims Litigation report  summarises our conclusions from a review of well over 2,000 court claims issued over the last decade. Viewed together, the variety and volume of disputes lodged at the High Court provides an extraordinary vista on the culture and practice of the UK insurance
market, particularly when it comes to understanding the pivot upon which the entire industry swings: how and when claims are paid.

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Latest claim litigation cases

Lloyds and AIG reject $3.5bn Russian aircraft claim

Insurance giant lloyds Insurance Company (LIC) has rejected a $3.5bn insurance claim relating to the alleged loss of aircraft and engines retained by Russian airlines following the country’s invasion of Ukraine. LIC, along with AIG…

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$3.5bn Ukraine war aviation insurance claim hits AIG and Lloyd’s of London

Insurers including AIG and Lloyd’s of London are facing a potential $3.5bn loss under a test case brought by aircraft leasing companies that saw their planes and engines retained by Russian airlines after the country’s invasion of Ukraine.

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