Risques Et Assurances Vulnerabilites Et Bonnes Pratiques Des Eti Industrielles

By 20th June 2013 January 11th, 2021 Insights
Risques Et Assurances

The industrial sector represents an important part of the French economy. Comprising 16% of GDP and three million employees, it lies at the heart of current political concerns.

The focus of this study is Medium-Sized Businesses (MSBs) within the industrial sector. Over recent years, these industrial MSBs have had to instigate a number of changes in order to tackle new constraints posed by the market, as well as by the economic crisis, and evolve henceforth in a space that is increasingly complex, fast-paced and constantly mutating.

In the majority of observed cases, these changes provoke an increase in risks within companies. This study analyses the methods of identifying, preventing and transferring these risks, and demonstrates existing failings in the way in which companies control their risks and insurance policies.