Coronavirus: supporting our clients

By 16th March 2020 News

Supporting our clients through the Coronavirus pandemic


Last week we took the decision to move our teams to remote working in order to stay ahead of the evolving Coronavirus crisis. Our motivations were two-fold, in the first instance we wanted to protect our staff and their loved ones, but we also wanted to ensure that our team is on hand to support our clients through what is proving to be an unprecedented time.

We are still available to attend meetings in person, but have put in place the necessary infrastructure to provide seamless service for those whose companies are in whole or partial lock-down. We understand the intense pressure that those involved in risk and insurance management are being placed under as their businesses change around them.

We are also very aware that the impact of Coronavirus on insurance market conditions is likely to be considerable and have a profound effect over the longer term, further exacerbating the effects of the hard market. Mactavish is ready and will provide additional support at this difficult time so please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Bruce Hepburn

CEO Mactavish